What IBC could learn from Visa

I sometimes witness planning conversations regarding IBC development. Here are some idle and personal thoughts on this matter.

Specialization, the Dark Side of Modularity

An essay about the Modularity narrative and a counter-current thought: There would be great unlocks if beside Modularity we would also see more of an opposite pattern: Specialization.

A Lovable Problem

This post represents a first stab at describing the problem I'm working on.

From a Strawman to a Steelman

I would love to see a web3 critic take this technology seriously: learn what it is about, steelman it, then knock it down fairly. Now that would be a formidable opponent!

Customers of Web3. Part 3: Skeptics

Skeptics of web3 are customers by definition. They are actively saying no, but they could say yes. What can we learn from their feedback?