Below are presentations I gave recently.

MIT Digital Currency Initiative (Media Lab)

October, 2023

  • Title: Blockchains: The Messy Middle
  • Slides: Excalidraw
  • A lot of overlap & similar themes with the "Specialization" talk from Cosmoverse

Cosmoverse (Hacker's Lounge Talk)

October, 2023

  • Title: The Interchain Stack in the Age of Specialization
  • Slides: Excalidraw
  • Recording: YouTube

Gateway to Cosmos Keynote

June, 2023

EPFL & IMD: TransformTECH program

September, 2022

Gateway to Cosmos Keynote

May, 2022

EPFL: Distributed Algorithms (Invited Lectures)

December, 2021

November 2020